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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  December 19, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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some of them seriously. new information coming in from the associated press in the past few minutes. five people have been seriously injured from the incident. .here are 40 walking wounded this is all in the piccadilly circus section of london inside of a packed theater. it is now 10:00 p.m. police and fire response has dissented. call two hours ago about a ceiling collapse. it is unclear whether this was a ceiling, ruth, or balcony collapse. a number of casualties. incident of the dog in night time was playing.
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>> we saw people in the front -- in one and then we heard a creak. the whole thing just collapse. >> witnesses report chaos in the theaters. it is unknown if any of these -- we will continue to follow it. continue to follow those developments out of london tonight. we will bring you details as they become available and we will have a full report coming up. >> new developments on a
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security breach at target stores. millions of customers are in jeopardy. target says that as many as 40 million customers could be affected. a look at how this could happen and what you should do to protect your money. customershas notified this one. if you have been doing holiday shopping at target the last few weeks, encouraging customers to watch statements closely. >> retail giant target admits hackers may have compromised 30 million credit and debit cards used by shoppers in their stores nationwide between november 27
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and last sunday. day foris the perfect traffic. the more deals you have, the more people swiping their cards. >> that concerns me. i'm going to pay with cash now. worried about the breach, she went to a bank this morning. asked if i should close my account and open a new account. lex what you think that someone could have your credit card? >> there needs to be more security. data, thieves took stored including card number, cardholder name, and security codes on the back. -- hat information of one to 10, how bad is that? >> a 9.5.
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target move swiftly to fix it once they discovered it. the secret service is investigating. we can tell you it doesn't appear purchases made online were affected by the security breach. >> kris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> a lot of people worried about that. >> not so worried about the weather. a big-time warm up on the way. just in time for the official start of winter. 60s.king us back to the >> 57 now outside of the weather center here in arlington. let's give you a live look from our rooftop camera. clear skies.
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look a much cooler it is at quantico. a cool breeze off the potomac river. mostly in the 50s. why temperatures closer to the and sylvania border are so much colder. a big difference there. tonight will be clear. temperatures only drop to the mid 40s later this evening. they will make up to above freezing temperatures. temperatures hang on through christmas? we will answer those questions and more in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. police have arrested a local driving instructor accused of sexually abusing two of his students. he is out of jail and tonight elyse are asking for any other victims to come forward.
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hatzel vela spoke -- at home after posting bond. $55,000 in bonds. the judge told them not to come close or come into contact with any young females. his home. he didn't have much to say. >> are you the owner of the driving school? >> [inaudible] >> he told us to talk to his attorney and gave us his attorney's information. when we pressed him, this is what happened. a search shows he is running the driving school from his home. a couple of weeks ago, his home was surrounded by police officers. he was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing at least two other students.
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one was a minor. the second, an 18-year-old girl. dates back to september. investigators feel there may be more victims. >> i would be up the wall emotionally, angry. like any other parents. we checked ourselves. he has been licensed since 2008. driving instructors must undergo a background check. live in leesburg, hatzel vela. there has been a significant number of burglaries at d.c.
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school since the beginning of the school year. here is video of one such burglary. tonight, police are investigating the crimes being linked. live from one of the schools that recently. >> no indication the crimes are linked. outrage runs through the community meeting last night. thieves have stolen more than $40,000 worth of electronic equipment. since that was not insured, they lost -- the losses are mounting. >> schools and computers are attracting thieves as never before. cameras are showing usually masked thieves up and down hallways with electronics. november 30, november 24, where
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these thieves stole more than $40,000 worth of electronics. >> you are taking their education, the material that is helping them to progress. >> it seems have gotten worse over time. to burglaries in august. one in september. six in october. eight more since mid-august -- mid-november. >> i was surprised. i felt violated. as if someone had entered my home. >> we have to start taking a stand against these people. >> committed activists say police and school security needs to be more vigilant. school sector security and norton alarms they thought were malfunctioning. wax the school system seems to be needing to do an overhaul.
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>> what does the school respond? wax they are putting tracking devices to retrieve items. computerse stolen believe ended up on ebay and craigslist. one school says they have hired armed security. so far only three of the 16 cases have been closed with an arrest. >> thank you. a toddler is in serious condition now after he was run over by a car in anne arundel county. firefighters tell us the 18- month-old boy was in the driveway when a car hit him. centralpkins pediatric now. fight a manit in a
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whose body was discovered on the beltway. they do not know how he died. the man is -- his body was found tuesday lying in silver spring. an autopsy is finished. >> one of the most recognizable symbols of the nation's capital is about to get a new look. the u.s. capitol dome will undergo a major overhaul. that is going to change its appearance for the next couple of years. problemslook at the plaguing the landmark. live now from the capital with the details. spectaculartol is from a distance. up close it is not so pretty. it is a real mass. cleaning it up is going to be a big job. the towers over the nation's capital, a symbol of a city and nation.
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the dome is about to change dramatically. >> that is too bad. crumbling.em is >> if it needs to be fixed, it needs to be fixed. >> more than 1000 cracks. remove more than 100 pieces. some residents will miss the side of the dome. they are resigned to the repairs. >> it is needed. >> a $60 million facelift is in the works which will take two years to complete. >> two years is a long time. >> the dome will be covered in scout folding. engineers say the structure is sound but the cracks pose a problem. rust,er causes continued but water can get in and damage the frescoes and paintings in the rotunda. engineers maintain if the
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dome is going to continue to shimmer in the sun, it needs major work now. >> we would want anything to happen to it or anyone to get .urt >> the scaffolding will go up this spring. most of the work will be done off hours during the evening. reporting live, stephen tschida. >> a lovely shot there of the dome. >> coming up, a couple targeted in a violent carjacking caught on camera. debate isk dynasty on. should the family's patriarch had been suspended from the show because of recent controversial comments? the facebook page created that has hundreds of thousands weighing in. >> passengers take action when a gunwielding man terrorizes them. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta.
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it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due asigning, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today >> a real strange story here.
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someone trying to ruin christmas for teenagers. >> pasted in lines to be the first to see be on say last night. when they got inside, their tickets were fake. >> live with the word on how these girls were scams and who stepped up to help. >> it was their first shot at teenage independence. they were going to wait in line all day here and all night at the bonds a concert. because it was sold out, they turn to the internet. three teen girls learn the hard way that the glitch was not a christmas fairytale. he is at the 49 craigslist -- he is a thief working on craigslist. these group of girls needed
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therapy from the pop diva. >> my mom [indiscernible] >> the team along with her best friends scour the internet for tickets to the sold-out show. they found three on craigslist. >> how much? >> $320. >> the tickets looked legitimate , complete with logo. it even had the original receipt. the teens double checked with the box office. >> the even have the same cardboard material. they were shown the door. they deny this entry. >> the font was the only inconsistency she found. police called this fraud. the posting is gone. there $680.
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any hope of a merry christmas is gone. here is an update. the girls posted about their wrap up on facebook. all they people have been donating money. they are up to $900. that money is going to be applied to tickets in new york on sunday night. there is a santa claus. >> i am glad there is a happy ending there. most people in the d c area will be staying home for christmas. the roads will still be crowded. 41% of the population will be traveling 50 miles or more for the holidays. a slight increase from last year. going to certain it is not be a white christmas. weather isy travel
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late sunday night because of rain around here. christmas eve and christmas day look great. >> bright and sunny, that is all. of all things, it happens to be in damascus county. look at the stone on the ground. then muche is snow, of it disappears. that is going to be the story over the next few days. the rain will fall. there you go. enjoy the snow. i have a hunch there will be more coming, just not in the next few days. 51 degrees right now in frederick. temperature 55 at reagan national right now. the water in the potomac is very
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called. the wind is cooling that down. everybody else is very mild. theeratures will drop to 20s. and a few high, thin clouds outside. temperatures are very mild, turning cold as you work up the coast. nothing bitterly cold. that is well to the west. air is going to be entrenched. high pressure off the coast, we will see a continuation of warmer days through sunday. it will turn seasonably colder. right now it is 22 degrees warmer in pittsburgh and it was this time yesterday. charleston.armer in a push of normally mild there this time of year. sooner a letter that is going to
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come south. i think you will like what we have for you. the winds turning south and southwest, mostly serious clouds against the winter. boundary.frontal any showers are going to disappear as they approach the mountains. high-pressure is so strong. eventually sunday is going to be the claudia stub the next three days. as we get through sunday afternoon, the cold front will swing in. we will start to clear out as we have to the day on monday. 40 34 metro temperatures. 73 at midday. the next seven days look like this. 60 tomorrow. 65 on saturday. the official astronomical start to winter, and then 70 on sunday.
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day, 55.n the the temperatures dropping in the afternoon. a lot of sunshine, that is what you expect around here around the 24th and 25th of december. >> will be fine. >> coming up tonight in prime time, a look back at the year. a celebrities, newsmakers, special guests reflect on 2013. arch campbell checks in with "american helsel."
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>> there is controversy surrounding duck dynasty's patriarch. the issue is now launched into a nationwide debate with fans and
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politicians weighing in. .> my family >> the family patriarch of duck dynasty has been system ended -- suspended. following controversial marks he made in "gq" magazine. he compared homosexuality beast yellow the. that homosexual, as drunks, and terrorists -0- >> he was basing his comments on biblical verses. these are views that a lot of people hold. saidter his suspension, he his mission is to go forth and tell people about why i follow christ. i would never treat and it would with disrespect just because they are different from me. many of the fans are standing behind them.
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bobby jindal even weighed in saying this is a free country and everyone is entitled to express their views. thee has the right to consequences of those fees. it is going to come down like a hammer. says he never saw african-americans mistreated before the civil rights movement. >> of sponsors do not like what is being said, they are going to cut the shell and him. doubt it haso new sparked a debate. >> the facebook page created to he is putany until back on the air has more than 700,000 likes. as you can see, that number
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continues to rise. >> it makes me wonder what the show outtakes look like. founding up, researchers 97% of store-bought chicken --
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>> we have learned 80 people were hurt, seven seriously after part of the apollo theater collapsed during a holiday performance. firefighters believe 700 people were inside of the theater at the time of the collapse. they afraid all of those trapped inside braid search-and-rescue is still on the scene at working it. it is unclear if the weather was a factor on the collapse. we will follow breaking developments and bring you more when abc 7 news at 6:00. carjacking is caught on camera. the search is on for the suspects. you see them attacking this man and his girlfriend. >> brad bell is live from police headquarters with the details.
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>> video is hard to watch. the police are saying that these criminals are particularly vicious and bold. they were at least four video cameras and plainview in the spot where they committed the crimes. it didn't slow them down a bit. the crime begins when gunmen grab that man in the sleeveless shirt. they have pulled him from his car. they are beating him and trying to drag him to their suv. that is when the victims girlfriend appears. watch what happens to her. she is slammed into a wall at gunpoint. .oth victims were battered the man's car is stolen. that was last friday. the gunmen are on the loose. >> we want them cut -- caught now. this memorable. ofit struck us, the violence
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the whole lack. >> it happened in this strip shopping center from the census bureau. the male victim was there to pick up his girlfriend at a tattoo parlor. he waited outside. two of the four gunmen still that car. the others drove off in this suv. people of the shopping center call the act despicable but not uncommon. >> that is somebody's daughter and somebody's mother. you wouldn't want it done to your children or your family members. why do it to somebody else? >> it happens in this neighborhood. this is nothing new for us. >> that stolen el dorado has not been found. somebodyhoping that will recognize the people that you saw on that video. in prince george's county, abc 7 news. >> he will spend the next five years in prison.
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that was the sentence handed out to horace thompson. a jury found him guilty in october of the setting fire to a sandwich shop on richmond highway. he poured gasoline side of the shop and ignited it. the explosion and damage to the owner tose the store be her. >> police have identified a deaf woman struck by a car and southwest yesterday. i car leaving a parking garage hit france's parsons as she was walking. she died at the hospital. the case is under investigation. she had a long career in education. she taught for several years before retiring in 1993. >> time friend check on our traffic situation. onthe police activity going in the street as result of the bomb threat was called then, all the road closures in the area
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have traffic gridlocked. virginia avenue is closed between 24th street. 27th is closed between k street and the rock creek parkway. all that closed off with police activity going on to the south of the freeway. that is where all the police activity continues as police sweep the building at this hour. traffic downtown and along the george washington parkway is much worse than normal. plenty of volume out there traveling along 66. beltwaynner loop of the , it is heavy and slow. volume.f
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traffic traveling south north has delays. the way it looks. back to you. >> seven is on your side with information that might make you think twice about store-bought chicken. of raw shows that 97% chicken breast contain bacteria harmful to people. from big and small stores in 26 states, each major brands tested had high levels of --teria, even check code even chicken labeled as organic. >> 2013 has been a big year for researchers. science magazine has picked its top 10 better breakthroughs for the year. turning our own immune system against cancer is a big deal for millions of people. at the top ofs
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the scientific breakthroughs a collared into science breakthroughs. -- science magazines. it is slowly making its way into hospitals, showing promise and giving hope to many patients and doctors. rounding out the list of breakthroughs, other health advances. sciences have figured out how our brains take out the trash while we sleep. they have cloned human stem cells and learn how to build a utterback seen -- a better vaccine. if you would like to see more and see the complete list of breakthroughs, it is an science magazine. >> my brain has a lot of trash to take out. new crash test results are in.
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>> some of the best movies of the are just now being released in time for oscar consideration. >> american hustle is out. he made silver linings playbook. he makes great movies. he has topped himself. , he is hit ale home run. it is a dazzling story. >> people believe what they want to believe. that man was so good they believe that israel -- is real. their schemes pay off until after you agent snap --
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-- >> [inaudible] >> as bales volatile wife, and jeremy renner, it american housel makes your head spin. worth four stars. rated r. all in aest of them year full of greatest movies. >> i'm going to weigh in with my 10 best of the year. pardon the spoiler alert, but guess what will top it. is the bradley cooper
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curling hair. [indiscernible] [laughter] up, big changes on an airline.
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>> dramatic pictures of a robbery on a seattle bus last month. the suspect pulled out a gun on a passenger and amended his phone. he refuses to hand over the phone but they complied. the gunman walks on the isle and tries to hold up a woman passenger. the people on the bus attacked the gunmen. >> it was one of those things that no one gave any thought to it. >> things started happening in
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that guy got what he deserved. he is facing robbery attempt at robbery charges. annual ratings of the safest cars are out. >> this year, the new crash test technology is making cars safer the neighbor before -- than ever before. out today.w report it is the annual ratings of the safest cars. there is something new this year. it technology that makes some cars safer than ever. first comes the crash test. five different ways. this year there is more. the insurance institute for highway safety has its top safety picks.
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new technology that not only will warn you of an impending crash but slams on the brakes for you. verye systems address a large number of crashes that occur on our roadways. cars have been automatic that will break for the driver. ,> cars are being made better and because of that, accident rates are at historic lows. here is the list of the safest cars on the road. honda civic hybrid. mazda three. toyota previous. ford fusion. honda accord. legacy.subaru full list that made the list, would put it on our website for you. >> thank you very much. we have a consumer alert for parents tonight. longerairlines will no
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allow children to fly without an adult on flights that include inactions. -- include connections. the new policies begin with tickets purchased before after cymer five. -- december 5. hammock, soex hip far to injuries have been reported. the recall involves 300,000 carrier sold nationwide. you can get a refund. let's get a look and see what is coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson live with a look ahead. >> tonight, experts weigh in on the decision ~ lay criminal charges against virginia's governor until he is out of office. carjacked,m a woman
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and the latest on breaking news theaterollapse of the in london. that is coming up at 6:00. >> we will see you in just a bit. >> let's get another check of the weather situation. >> first, let's take a stroll down memory lane. four years ago, the 19th of december, 2009, the first big snowstorm of the winter. fell.nches of snow it was a wild time. two feet of snow in damascus. inthat year, the snow stayed the ground until christmas. . beautiful time lapse watch how the snow disappears. day here, the rain
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is coming late on sunday. 45 in manassas. 58 in fredericksburg. through the overnight, ill be clear and cold. sunny and pleasant tomorrow. traveling through the weekend, here is her story. we will see partly cloudy skies saturday. near 70 on sunday. maybe a few thundershowers that will clear up quickly on monday afternoon. christmas eve and christmas day is beautiful. temperatures in the lower 40s. that is the latest. >> thank you. >> this is interesting. we will do something different in sports tonight. have you seen this nfl contest? a trip to super bowl xlviii in new york. 10 finalists have been chosen. one is from here in our area.
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>> i couldn't even imagine being there. -- ally >> she is a finalist in the together we make football contest. >> five finalists will make it to the super bowl. , ashe hails from maryland former cynical sales wrap. -- a pharmaceutical sales rep. .> football is my outlet it is my therapy. it is my time for myself. >> charity enter the contest. >> playing football after having a baby was a pretty unique story. i know i am not the first new mom that does that. >> she got the rockstar treatment from nfl films.
5:54 pm
>> it was unreal. bedroom, in my living room, we filmed all day. >> charity needs you. >> you can vote daily. >> help her get to super bowl xlviii. >> i always watch, but to be in the stands would be amazing. >> there you have it. you can help cast your vote. voting ends monday. she has faith in you. you can give hope to charity. >> i'm going to take care of that during the commercial. >> coming up, abc 7 news at 5:00 -- >> $25 million later this way -- >> $25 million later this way will will ta
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>> tomorrow is decision day. we will learn where a new casino will be billed and who operated. in gm wants a casino at national harbor. racing would put the site on route 210 in fort washington. the cart wrong reportermery county will show how ships will be safer on open water. they ares amazing is so uniform. the control we have is amazing. boards simulate waves
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across the globe. >> as we say here, we do things for the war fighter. >> it overhaul the navy's original tank built during the cuban missile crisis. >> the range of the capability of the u.s. navy can be traced back in the design, development, modeling, and testing of this facility. >> the price tag, $25 million. >> there could be no doubt that the investment the nation is making here in this facility will pay for itself many times over. >> other nations like brazil and s, butoperate tidal basin'
6:00 pm
none measure up to this. testing begins in march. in bethesda, i'm kevin lewis. >> that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is abc seven breaking news. >> 80 people are injured, seven seriously, after he ceiling in a theater in london collapse. >> it happened during the height of the performance. this.e know about a first inside say this is busy place. the theater is in the west end. a busy neighborhood around christmastime. it is called the apollo theater in the british capital.


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